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(≧▽≦): horror, reading, gay things, editing, music
(¬ ¬"): rude people, darama, ____phobia, racism, spiders, politics

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Username:@mapbtch ͏͏͏Password: *******

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Tue October 12 - 12:00
i'm a minor, i swear a lot, mainly tweet about my current hyperfixation, i make dark jokes, tweet random shit sometimes.
if i make you uncomfortable please dm me or unfollow!

do not follow if

Fri September 14 - 12:00
if u dont meet basic criteria, _phobic, racist, easily offended, dislikes any of my stans, if you use/support fonts
under 14 / over 23 ⇇ doesn't apply if we are already moots, or i follow first.


Shows young royals, chucky, heartbreak high, yellowjackets, shameless
pretty little lairs, how to get away with murder.
Movies coraline, escape room, annabelle, monster house, tangled, lemonade mouth, child's play
Music melanie martinez, novo amor, halsey, the neighbourhood, lorde, chase atlantic, d4vd, ari abdul, cold play

My favs ayesha madon, samantha hanratty, chloe hayden, frida argento, liv hewson, sturniolo triplets , markiplier, sam and colby
Comfort chararters
nat scatorccio, glen ray, ca$h, quinni gallagher-jones, devon evans, lottie matthews, tori spring, maddie buckley
bffs <3 bec, ash, livvi, rhi, nessa, emma, victoria, k, charlie, lily, sarah, jo